Amanda Negron

I was a stay at home mom of 3 girls not looking for a way to earn extra income but when asked if I ever thought about making some extra income from home I was a bit curious as to how so I looked in to what It Works is all about. What I found was a company that has done some pretty amazing things not just for the community but also for their distributors, their products had awesome feedback and they are natural (which caught my attention). Their vision and what they stand for is just so incredible and inspiring! I decided why not give it a try! I joined this adventure May 2015. I have been having so much fun and I have met some of the greatest people whom I now call my friendos! I have been able to help so many others both physically and financially and I now call It Works my family! Their One Team One Mission statement, the friendship, the fun and the freedom that they speak of is every bit what we are! From a stay at home mom to a work from home mom that is dreaming bigger than ever and helping others dream big too! This company has been a blessing to my family, to our health and wellness and to our finances and that is why I enjoy sharing the products and the business with you! I still am mind blown that I've been able to work this business into my life while still being home with my girls! 

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